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“A powerful platform with dynamic APIs, Lemonwhale is the best option for deploying live and on-demand services with a short time to market.” 

Make sure your live and on-demand content delivers in the best possible way, yet cost efficient. A powerful platform with dynamic APIs , Lemonwhale OVP is the best option for deploying live and on-demand  services with a short time to market. Lemonwhale OVP is a well proven solution by media customers.

Lemonwhale OVP is designed for digital Publishers and Content providers distributing videos and broadcasts worldwide, to local markets, closed groups and across multiple platforms and operating systems.

Lemonwhale OVP includes features to easily and efficiently manage and distribute videos and live streaming to your target audience. Our experience is that publishers need quick customizations and constant presence of technical support. Technological changes usually comes from customers’ related systems such as Ad Server, Statistics, CMS, DRM, Payment. Lemonwhale OVP is built to quickly be adjusted to customer demands.

CDN delivery

There are several different CDNs that can meet our KPIs to delivery best in class end user experience. Lemonwhale delivers a unique way to get best in class video and live delivery by a real time selection of CDNs. Different set ups are available such as 1) current CDNSs available from Lemonwhale 2) customer’s existing CDNs. Ability to offer industry leading features derived from a CDN perspective is important for us.

Key features


We use HTTP-streaming to deliver video content for the best end-user experience.


Increased interest in live broadcasting implies a need for digital video recording (DVR), which is an important feature for viewers to be able to rewind a live broadcast and enter from the start during the current broadcast. 

Multi CDN

Lemonwhale offers access to world-leading CDNs through our Multi CDN solution. We have found that each individual CDN has different characteristics depending on day, hour and minute. The connection to the local ISP is also a variable that determines how good a CDN can deliver to a local market. Our idea is to use the CDN that provides viewers with the best user experience. We make selection of CDNs in real time.  


Media customers are collecting an increasingly video inventory that needs to be managed in a cost efficient way. We know what it means having +10 TB of video archived and have developed three solutions for cost efficient management of large storage volumes with high performance.

Key Features

Cloud Storage

Use Lemonwhale OVP for storing videos in the cloud. We use the world’s leading resources with reliable indicators of security, availability and responsiveness.  

Cold Storage

Use own server to store video content connected to Lemonwhale OVP. This is a cost efficient solution for customers having a large video library. Our suggestion is to consider Cold Storage when the level of video storage exceeds 10TB.

Smart Storage

Smart Storage combines Cloud Storage and Cold Storage by the usage of Lemonwhale Storage algorithm to calculate the ultimate storage location for each video file. The result is cost efficiency with highest performance.


We have noticed that customer are very keen of letting their users access video and live content anytime and anywhere. The never ending story of video format management, aka transcoding, is one of the corner stone of Lemonwhale’s offering. We use the latest transcoding technology for seamless video and live delivery to devices, browsers and operating systems.

Key Features

Batch transcoding

We do believe its important to have a flexible way to manage transcoding. We support batch transcoding. 

Simultaneous transcoding

Lemonwhale cloud based transcoding supports multiple simultaneous transcoding jobs. 

Custom transcoding settings

Each customer account can get its own transcoding settings. 

4K, 1080p, 720p, 360p, 240p

Lemonwhale delivers market leading resolution for optimized end user experience.

Platform Management

Lemonwhale OVP is designed to meet the demands of media customers with high traffic load. Available features make it possible to create, import, manage and distribute video and live streaming smoothly. The OVP flexibility is key for us and we spend lot of time to develop and maintain our powerful API allowing our customers to work with Lemonwhale OVP in a way that make sense for them. Our experience says that an OVP must be integrated with the surrounding systems such as Ad Server, CMS, Statistics, DRM, Players and Payment systems. Lemonwhale OVP can integrated to external systems with very short lead time. Ready-made plug-ins are available for the systems that make this possible. Lemonwhale work closely with our clients to do daily routine as simple and efficient as possible.


Key Features

Mobile Recorder

With the Lemonwhale Recorder-app it’s easy to create, crop and upload videos from your iOS device to Lemonwhale OVP. 

Multi Source Live

Simultaneous broadcast from several different locations supported by live mixing functionality gives you the possibility to ingest multiple live streams and switch in real time which live stream to publish. 

Site & User management

Lemon Whale OVP is designed to handle large organizations of complex structures. The aim is to seamlessly be able to create and manage a site, users and permissions with the ability to share video content between different sites. 


PayEx is our trusted partner for monetization of Video and Livecasts.


Real time data for VOD and live is critical for media companies. We offer a large number of statistical variables for three different levels; Object, Site and Site Group. External systems for analytics can easily be activated by Lemonwhale API. 

Batch video upload

Use our fast multi file drag’n’drop browser upload to upload several videos concurrently. 


The video player is central to provide a quality experience for viewers. The player must be able to handle a variety of functions such as collecting statistics, integration with DRM, handling of different file formats adapted for different screens and operating systems. Lemonwhale’s video player is flexible enough to offer customized solutions at a detailed level such as broader functionality and design. We work with leading media companies where we adapt players for their unique situation. Flash and HTML5 are our main tracks where Silverlight is available as an option.

Key Features

Flash & HTML5

Primary support for Flash. Fallback on HTML5.

Flash formats

RTMP and HLS for Live and VoD. HTTP/MP4 for VoD.

HTML5 formats

HTTP/MP4 and M3U8.

Player SDK

SDK for Flash and iOS. In pipeline for Android and HTML5.


Integration of an OVP in existing infrastructure is often too complicated. We help new customers to integrate Lemonwhale OVP into existing systems such as Ad Server, CMS, DRM, Statistics, Payment. We do this by offering a flexible platform with powerful APIs. Where the option is available, we also offer ready to go plugins for fast integration. For existing customers, we know that many systems need to work in an integrated manner. Most often system will evolve and require adjustments in the OVP. Lemonwhale OVP is a flexible platform to meet these changes. For the convenience of customers, we offer integration resources for fast and efficient installation, customization and continuous optimization.

Key Features

Ad Servers

We have pre-build VAST plugins for Videoplaza, Smartclip, AdTech, Emediate and LiveRail. We are carefully monitoring VAST in order to be compliant to all major Ad Servers. VPAID support available November 30th 2014.


Integration with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics available for Flash and HTML5 players. 


Integration with EPiServer, Escenic, Atex, and Hybris. Lemonwhale API enabling fast integration to other CMS. Special features available for  Wordpress enabling auto-publish direct from Lemonwhale Recorder.


We are well familiar with available DRM systems and know what is takes to get the most out of them. The mission is to minimize the number of  DRM systems that are in use to secure efficient operation. Our recommendation is to use Adobe Access for Flash, Apple Fairplay for Apple TV, iOS and Android. Microsoft PlayReady can be used for Silverlight.


Earn money from your videos and live broadcasts with Lemon Whale’s integration with PayEx. On customer request we activate external payment platforms, such as Paywall.