Proliferation of platforms for freelance journalists

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Journalists are increasingly being an outsourced profession as our society moves towards a more outsourced business model where the individual in many cases is working part-time or as an independent contractor to an increasing degree. Never has there been such a wide range of different platforms support journalists to find the next gig, manage the administrative parts and promote their work.

We looked at some of the platforms out there and they can be divided in two main groups depending on who is the target customer, publishers or enterprises.

The platforms that target publishers include Blink, Contently and Talent Network. Blink focuses on providing a platform where 15,000+ storytellers can reach 1000+ companies potentially wanting to hire them to tell a story. Some of their premium customers being showcased on the website are ESPN, TIME, CNN and BuzzFeed. There is a free version of the service but if you pay 46USD per month you get extra features to get better connected. Their network is truly global with people from more than 170 countries already signed up on the platform.

Another platform that primarily targets publishers is Contently which has attracted many journalists with a very transparent pricing model for their work. For example CNN would pay $250 in flat fee for a digital piece. The majority of their site is actually devoted to helpful articles talking about how you can improve as a freelance writer or get more work.

Last but not least Washington Post has launched Talent Network to better work with their freelancers and exchange ideas. Now they want all of their freelancers to interact with them using this digital platform and pitch ideas going forward.

The other category of platforms focus on connecting journalists not with publishers but with enterprises and brands. The trend of content marketing has driven many major brands and enterprises to reconsider their role as marketing machines and instead become storytellers providing the most interesting content. Journalists are then in high demand since they are professionals at creating compelling stories.

Newsmodo has a very clear positioning to help business get access to great journalists to help with their content creation and storytelling. Not only are they helping to create content but they also have neighbouring offerings relevant to businesses who want to expand in content marketing such as Content Marketing Strategy services. Another Enterprise focused journalist platform is Jurnid which provide a simple subscription based model starting with a free level and then 49USD/month for a basic service.

In other words, there has never been more support to freelancers to build their portfolio, find their next assignment and be in business.