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Our API is build by developers to be as convenient and flexible as possible making the most out of our video features.

Private API

  • The Lemonwhale private API is used when you would like to access sensitive information about your account or would like to manipulate data.
  • Typical operations include updating a video title, creating a new category or creating a new live broadcast.
  • Authentication through you api key is necessary to access the api.
  • The private API should not be used in public settings since the API is rate-limited and thus will not work if you get more traffic.

Public API

  • The Lemonwhale public API is used to fetch public information about the videos for your account.
  • Typical operations include getting information about a video, listing the most popular videos and searching among the videos.
  • Authentication is not necessary to access the public api.
  • The public API can be used in public settings and does not contain any limit in hits per second.


Developers, get access to the Lemonwhale OVP

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